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The Saints of the Undivided Church and their works on the pages of handwritten and early printed books

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The unique handwritten and early printed books, associated with the Saints of the undivided Church, are preserved in The National Library Belarus Collection. It includes biblical books, manuscripts, Lives of the Saints: St. Ambrose Mediolanensis, St. Gregory the Dialogist, St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker


1) Ambrosius Mediolanensis (about 340–397). Opera : p. 1-3 / Sancti Ambrosii ; cum additamentis Johannis de Lapide (Heynlin). Basel : Johann Amerbach, 1492 (code marks: 096/1022К; 096/1023К; 096/1024К).

The Saint Ambrose`s collection of writings. The Bishop of Milan, a preacher, theologian and poet, Saint Ambrose was identified as one of four Doctors of the Latin Church.  The collection was published in the XV century in Basel in three volumes in Latin gothic script. This collection is related to the Incunabula Collection.

The text is printed in two columns. The hand-colored portrait of Saint Ambrose is engraved on the title page. It has the red, blue and green initials.

2) Gregorius I (Pope; about c. 540 – 12 March 604). Moralia sive Expositio in Iob / doctoris Gregorii pape. Basel : Nicolaus Kessler, 1496 (code mark: 096/1015К).


The represented book is by Saint Gregory the Great, the bishop of Rome (Gregory "Dialogos"), one of the Doctors of the Church. The book was published in Latin in the XV century in Basel. It is related to the Incunabula Collection. The publisher's mark is engraved at the end of the book. The text is printed in two columns. The title page bears the owner's note: Monasterij S[ancti]. Margarethae in Baumburg.

3) Gregorius I (Pope; c. 540 – 12 March 604). Sancti Gregorii Papae primi cognomento magni opera : in tres tomos distribute… [ в 3 т.]. Lutetiae Parisiorum [Paris] : impensis Societatis Typographicae Librirum Officii Ecclesiastici, 1675. (code mark: 094/4201Ф).

The writings collection in Latin by Saint Gregory the Great, the bishop of Rome (Gregory "Dialogos"), one of the Doctors of the Church. The collection was published in Paris in the XV century in three volumes. The National Library Belarus holds only the first volume, which come from the Radziwill's book collection. The inside front cover has the heraldic ex-libris (a bookplate): Biblioteka Ordynacji Nieświeskiej. The page with the printing signature B1 has the stamp with the following text: Ordynacja Nieświeska Biblioteka № 4043. The book has the engraved headpieces, initials, colophons. The letters on the title page are printed in two colors

4) St. John Chrysostom [manuscript]. The XVI century.

“Goldenmouth” is the collection of Church Fathers homilies. The manuscript was written in two handwriting of half-uncial script with the use of black ink. The first page is illustrated with ornamental ligatured script and initials in saturnine red. The headpiece, cut from the book printed in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra's Printing House, is pasted on the top of the first page. The book contains a number of owner`s notes which are suggestive of its existence in the two volosts (district) of  Moscow`s Gubernia: Ozeretskaya (Dmitrovsky uyezd (county)), Ozernaya (Sergievsky and  Kalyazinsky uyezds). “Goldenmouth'' is kept in the The National Library Belarus Collection (code mark 096/4214К)

5) “Margarite” is the collection of sermons of Saint John Chrysostom, the bishop of the Byzantine church,  theologian, writer and preacher. It was published in Ostroh Printing House in 1595.

The book is printed in two colors, garnished with headpieces, colophons, initials and typographic ornaments (code mark 096/4818).

6) John Chrysostom, Andrew of Caesarea. The Commentaries on the Book of Acts and on the Apocalypse in two volumes. Moscow, 1768 (Synodal Printing House).

The edition is lavishly decorated with the engravings illustrating biblical scenes, headpieces, colophons (code mark 12РК28156К).

7) Book of Job. Prague: Edition of Francysk Skaryna, 1517.

The book of Job may be attributed to so-called "Books of Wisdom", which were disseminated all over the Ancient East.  There are 12 copies of the Book of Job which were published in 1517  by Francis Skorina, the Belarusian and East Slavic book printer pioneer. (code mark: 096/4038).

8) The Book of Daniel is the manuscript dated back to the middle of the XIX century [not until 1848].

It is a list taken from the 1519 edition of Francysk Skaryna. Exhibiting the work accomplished at the high professional level, the book is published in half-uncial handwriting in ink. It contains a copy of the engraving by F. Skaryna: "Bring Habakkuk lunch to Daniil seated from the lion" (xylography (woodcut) of the middle of the XIX century) (code mark: 096/4041).

9) The Bible. Moscow: Synodal printing house, 1757.

The distinctive feature of this copy is the additional 152 engravings by Christoph Weigel and Caspar Luÿken from the Nuremberg edition of Historiae Celebriores Veteris Testamenti, 1712. (Code mark: 096/5603K).

10) The Gospel of 1575, published by Peter Mstislavets in Vilna, was acquired by the National Library Belarus at the end of 2001.

The edition is distinguished by beautiful large print, which subsequently served as a model for creation of many Gospel Books (code mark: 12Рк28533К).



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