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Membersip in the Association

The Association "Holy Places of Undivided Christianity"develops and coordinates the cultural route.

If you represent a city or a region which has holy places or monuments, whoch are unifying all the Christians, and you want to join the Association, please send an e-mail to

Association guarantees:

  1. Criteria for the selection of route objects, members of the Scientific Council and the conduct of activities as part of the work on the route.
  2. Access to the usage of corporate identity of the route, in the future - the corporate identity of the Council of Europe.
  3. Placement of information about the Partner and the proposed objects him on the website of the route and in the future - on the website of the Council of Europe.
  4. Representation of the Partner and proposed objects at events within the framework of the project (including those of the Council of Europe), inclusion of the Partner in publications about the route, inclusion of the Partner’s objects in in tour packages in the countries of the route.


Upon joining the Association, the Partner:

  1. nominates candidates for participation in the Scientific Council and offers on participation in the project of a regional tourism organization;
  2. provides a list of potential objects to be included in the route;
  3. after the Scientific Council has decided to include objects in the route, prepares a description of them;
  4. provides support in organizing and conducting events of the Association;
  5. attracts the Association to participate in events organized by it and by agreement uses the symbols of the Association;
  6. assists in the preparation of publications on the route;
  7. distributes information about the route.

  Cooperation with the Association

A potential partner may not join the Association, but sign a Memorandum of Cooperation, which will involve the interaction of the parties in the following areas:
cooperation in the creation of the route;
mutual assistance in conducting research on finding cultural heritage sites and assessing their tourist potential;
mutual informational support.

Scientific council membership

We are interested in the participation of scientists (historians, culturologists, art historians, archaeologists, scholars in the field of religious studies and others) in the work on the project.

Scientific board member selection criteria:

  1. Personal interest in participating in the preparation of a catalog-guidebook, which will include the most important holy places of Europe, that are associated with the saints of the undivided Christian Church, and which will become a vivid evidence of the single spiritual and cultural space of the European continent;
  2. A degree in the field of humanities (preferably in history, architecture, visual arts, archeology, religious studies);
  3. Professional interest to the history of Christianity, Church and Christian monuments.
  4. Willingness to conduct research work in the fields of cognitive and spiritual-cultural tourism;
  5. Ability to write in scientific style;
  6. Work experience in a university, cultural institution or a Christian organization;
  7. Existing publications (monographs, articles, essays) on Orthodox and Catholic Church history, Christian culture Christian spirituality, religious studies;
  8. Willingness to quick communication via e-mail.


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