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26 February 2021 The Komi Republic and the Republic of Buryatia: developing regional cooperation

On the 16th of March 2021 Miguel Palacio, head of the “Holy Places of Undivided Christianity” Association and Deputy Director General for Interregional and International Cooperation of the Library for Foreign Literature visited 28th International Travel and Tourism Exhibition MITT, which was held at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center.

At the exhibition stand of the Komi Republic Miguel Palacio and Sergey Emelyanov, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Archives of the Komi Republic, signed a memorandum of accession to the Association and agreed to develop a route, related to the cultural heritage of Old Believers in Komi and inclusion of cultural and religious tourism in the Northern Cultural Forum, which is held annually in Syktyvkar.

Miguel Palacio also signed a memorandum of inclusion in the Association with Maria Badmatsyrenova, the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Buryatia. The Ministry of Tourism of Buryatia also developed the itinerary "Christian Relics of Transbaikalia" which is available on the website of the Association.

Miguel Palacio presented Maria Badmatsyrenova with a diploma of gratitude of the Association “Holy Places of Undivided Christianity” for comprehensive support and promotion of the project of a pan-European cultural and educational itinerary dedicated to the spiritual and cultural Christian heritage.

Negotiations on cooperation with a number of Russian and foreign participants also took place during the International Travel and Tourism Exhibition MITT.

17th of March 2021

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