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Cooperation with the Heritage Institute

On the 25th of March 2021, Miguel Palacio, head of the “Holy Places of Undivided Christianity” Association and Deputy Director General for Interregional and International Cooperation of the Library of Foreign Literature, and Vladimir Aristarkhov, Director of the D.S.Likhachev Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage, signed a Memorandum for the Heritage Institute to join the Association.

Vladimir Markov, Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs of the Library for Foreign Literature and Sergey Zhitenev, Advisor to the Director of the Research Institute, took part in the ceremony, which was held at the Institute.

The parties agreed to hold a series of events devoted to the Pan-European cultural and educational tourist project “Holy Places of Undivided Christianity”, the first of which will be a joint scientific seminar.

Likhachev Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage is a leading industrial research center for the study of cultural and natural heritage, for the development of techniques for its preservation and use, for the research conduction on the state and development of culture. It was founded in 1992 to implement the provisions of the UNESCO Convention concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage and is the basic organization in the field of World Heritage preservation in CIS countries.

26th of March 2021

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