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Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “The Land of Resurrection” will participate in the creation of the route

On the 30th of March Miguel Palacio, head of the “Holy Places of Undivided Christianity” Association and Deputy Director General for Interregional and International Cooperation of the Library for Foreign Literature, held talks with Igor Lapshin, executive director of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Center to Support Socially Important Cultural Initiatives “The Land of Resurrection”.

“The Land of Resurrection” was established in 2016 in order to preserve and develop the national spiritual and musical culture, to intensively develop and creatively implement the entire wealth of national spiritual and liturgical music, to promote the original national singing heritage of Russia, to morally educate the society, to promote the possibility of implementation and development of creative potential of citizens and singers, to create audio recordings, multimedia and concert programs of spiritual and educational direction.

At the same time, the organization implements a number of publishing and research projects.

Miguel Palacio and Igor Lapshin signed the Memorandum on the accession of the ANO “The Land of Resurrection” to the “Holy Places of Undivided Christianity” Association.

31st of March 2021

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